Friday, July 9, 2010

How to Prepare for GATE?

To start with just i am giving the information on the general guide lines.

While reading the subjects for the first time itself, you can go for the standard text books. But which is not going to happen in most of the cases.
- Collect the Material required for GATE.
- Identify your Areas where you are strong( like strength of materials, thermodynamics,etc) and work more on your areas.
- Generally GATE paper consists of all three parts like thermal, Design and Production subjects
- Do not leave Mathematics, Concentrate on it from the starting of your preparation itself( like 1 or 2 hrs every day)..... However strong you are in Maths, you can not get revise all in few days... If you concentrate on it, your half of competition was over here itself. Because most of the people leave it till the end. And finally they give up.
- Prepare a schedule. But going as per schedule never happens. If you are crossing your schedule, skip that subject. And start new subject as per your schedule. I know it is very tough to do it. That is why schedule should have 2 or 3 revisions. All the parts, which ever you left can be worked in the other revisions. But do not skip the schedule. Keep on going as per the schedule. Because GATE needs smart work also in addition to your hard work.
- Last but very important one is. Collect all the old papers and solve all the old papers. If you still have time after solving the papers, you can think on how they put same kind of questions in different ways.
- try to solve one puzzle a week. This may be sounding silly. But once if you put in practice you will come to know its use.
- For english vocabulary, i can give one tip. Do not mug up the words just like that. try to explore that word in many ways. just type it in google. the best method is read the pictures. The blogs like this can help

Some Important Books
Thermodynamics - PK Nag,
Thermal Engineering - Rajput
Theory of Machines - SS Rattan, Thomas Bevan
Design of Machine Elements - Bhandari, Norton
Strength of Materials - Punmia, popov

Thats all for now...
All the best

Dear Friends, who are all reading this blog, Please post your valuable suggestions.

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